Archive - 14/5/2023

Sun, 14/05/2023 - 13:35

Mauro Murgia at the head of the Italian delegation visited North Ossetia

A joint press conference was held in Beslan by representatives of the Mothers of Beslan Committee and a delegation from Italy headed by Mauro Murgia, representative of the South Ossetian Foreign Ministry in Italy.

The guests from Italy headed by Mauro Murgia paid a visit to North Ossetia and met with the of the "Mothers of Beslan" Committee headed by Susanna Dudiyeva. The purpose of the meeting is the development of friendly and cultural ties, as well as to unite the parties against terror, cruelty and violence.

Sun, 14/05/2023 - 12:36

The Days of Culture of South Ossetia in Chechnya will start on May 15

The delegation of South Ossetia will leave for the Chechen Republic on Sunday, where the Days of Culture will be held.

Alana Khugayeva, press Secretary of the Republic's Ministry of Culture, told the "Res" news agency that official events would begin in Grozny on Monday, with a visit to the Akhmat Kadyrov Memorial Glory Complex.

There will be a flower-laying ceremony and a guided tour of the museum, a visit to the mosque “The Heart of Chechnya.